Interior Architecture & Design

Graduate Exhibition



This is a student led exhibition, produced as part of the Pearson BTEC Higher National qualifications. This unit is designed to offer students the knowledge and skills necessary to manage a collaborative project​. The students set their own direction based on the set theme of “The role of technology in art & design”.

They choose an exploration into current theories and trends in online exhibition standards and practices. Through this project, these students have researched how creative professionals are embracing technology to enhance and display their work and the effect these display methods have on the final product.  

Beyond technical skills developed including VR tour development, branding, website production, promotional campaign development and social media… successful project completion also requires each student to be able to: 

Evaluate their own and group skills, in support of their collaborative team. 

Plan and manage their own collaborative project 

Present collaborative project outcomes. 

And being able to critically evaluate the work done.  

Jim Kelleher 
Pearson Project Facilitator 

St. John’s Central Graduate show